Social responsibility

We support the projects for the prevention of obesity in children, by directing 20% of the profit tax to the Save de Children Organization in Iaşi!

Together with the Save de Children Organization in Iaşi, we develop the project “Eat Healthy!” that intends to further healthy food and physical exercise among children.

As a result of the warning signals set by the pertinent medical studies in the field, as well as other information means, Save the Children Iaşi and PANIFCOM intend to inform children and parents about the risks of unhealthy food, parental skills furthering a healthy life style in children, as well as advancing health based on rational feeding for children and young people in the entire community.

Studies confirm imperatively the need for normal weight from the first months of life. The European Commissioner for Health draws attention on the fact that obesity is more and more present in Europe, especially among children. Annually, over 400,000 minors join the overweight children group. Specialists draw attention on the increase in the number of obesity cases among children and the emergence of chronic diseases in the little ones. They estimate that in Romania the family environment is not a good example for children. The little ones cannot distinguish between what is healthy and what is not, so they are at the “discretion” of their grandparents, or the representatives of different school institutions and tend to become dependent on food poor in essential nutrients.

Another danger as regards the children’s education is the fact that many of them are sedentary, their parents let them spend too much time inside, in front of the television or the computer, they buy all sorts of toys to keep them occupied, and they forget that physical exercise is essential for the good development of any child. Specialists say that parents make a habit of allowing their children to drink all kinds of juices on the market that are rich in sugar and other substances harmful for their body, instead of having water. “Children are not accustomed to having regular meals and the children that refuse to eat are stimulated by their parents with all types of refined sweets instead of being offered fruit that are so important for the body. Last but not least, what we should avoid is the fast-food type of life”.

Within this project, we organized the contest “Eat, Play and Exercise Healthily!” addressed to kindergarten children and 1st – 4th graders in Iaşi County. 64 classes of students, 26 kindergarten groups and 38 elementary school classes, meaning a total of 1,700 children signed up.

In June 2012, at the end of the contest, 600 children received prizes from Panifcom:
– They followed the Bread Way by visiting the Panifcom bread factory and the farm in Vlădeni;
– Visit to Frişcot;
– Visit at the University Museum in Iaşi;
– Sweets from Frişcot – the Sweet Part of Panifcom Group.

In the same “Eat Healthy” project – on 1, 2 and 3 June 2012, we prepared three days full of surprises for children and their parents. On 1 June, we had the “Eat Healthy” show prepared by children for children, which took place inside Era Shopping Centre in Iaşi. On 2 and 3 June 2012, Children’s Olympics took place in Decathlon, where children between 5 and 14 years old participated in many individual or team sports contests – climbing up stairs holding a ball, colourful plate mosaic, bowling, archery, spider net or Y-golf are a few of the challenges to which the little athletes were submitted.