Regulation for “Your Birthday Cake” campaign

1. Campaign Organizer

1.1. “Your Birthday Cake” campaign (hereinafter referred to as “the Campaign”) is organized by SC Agropan Impex SRL, Calea Chisinaului nr. 29 Iasi, Judetul Iasi, RO 15576550, J22/1251/2003 Account: RO34RNCB0175033575030001 BCR Iasi, represented by: Stefan Holicov – Panifcom and Friscot brands

1.2. The decision regarding the evolution of the promotional campaign according to the rules in this regulation (“Regulation”) is final and compulsory for any participant in the Campaign (“Participant”). The official Regulation is created and made public according to the legislation applicable in Romania.

2. Definition and Length of the Campaign

2.1. The Campaign is address to all natural persons who buy the products mentioned in SECTION 4 in the Regulation.

2.2. The Campaign will start on 12 January 2015 00:00:00 and will end on 15 January 2016 11:59:59 p.m.

Organizatorul isi rezerva dreptul sa opreasca, sa retraga sau sa modifice in orice fel campania, in orice moment si din orice motiv, fara obligativitatea unei notificari de orice gen catre fosti, actuali sau viitori participanti.

2.3. The contest Regulation is available for free, being posted by the Organizer on the websites and

3. Right to Participate

3.1. This campaign is open to all natural persons who buy the selected promotional products for their birthdays, 5 days before their birthday or 5 days after their birthday and prove this by providing a photocopy of their identity card that will be kept by the organizer.
3.2. Cantitatea maxima de tort comandata de o persoana in cadrul campaniei poate fi de maxim 5 kg
3.3. By signing up as a participant, each user takes responsibility that all information they provide when they enter for the Campaign are true and correct.


4. How the Campaign Works

4.1 The products included in the Campaign are the following:

Product name U.M.
Chocolate birthday cake Kg.
Vivette birthday cake (mixed berries) Kg.

4.2.The products can be bought by the Participants during the Campaign from the following shops:

  1. Friscot Codrescu Confectionery, Str. Codrescu, nr. 6, Tel: 0748 – 037. 464
  2. Friscot Dacia Confectionery – B-dul Dacia, nr. 35, Bl. DC 4, parter., Tel: 0740 – 020.759
  3. Panifcom Alexandru Shop, B-dul Alexandru cel Bun,20 A, Tel: 0748- 037.462
  4. Panifcom Podu Ros Shop, Str. Nicolina f.n., Tel: 0748 – 037.451
  5. Panifcom Nicolina Shop, Str. Petre Tutea,nr. 19,tr.3,bl. 915, Tel:0756- 021. 530
  6. Panifcom Tatarasi Shop, Str. Han Tatar (next to RDS&RCS), Tel: 0748- 037.468
  7. Panifcom Pacurari Shop, Str. Pacurari nr.7, Tel: 0748- 037.465
  8. Panifcom Piata Hala Centrala Shop, Piata Hala Centrala, Tel: 0748 -037.466
  9. Panifcom Tomesti Shop – Str. Dimitrie Anghel nr.39, Tel: 0746 – 135.237
  10. Panifcom CFR Shop – B-dul Carol, Tel: 0749 – 247.876
  11. Sf. Nectarie Church Shop (under the Alexandru Bridge), Tel: 0746- 275.431
  12. CFS Shop – Calea Chisinaului nr. 29, Tel: 0749 – 156.166
  13. TG. Frumos Shop – Str. Cuza Voda nr.50B, Tel: 0746-181.493
  14. Dacia Church Shop – Str. Vitejilor nr.2 Tel: 0746 – 176.231
  15. Holboca Shop – Sat Holboca, Comuna Holboca, Tel: 0746-289.155

4.3. Any buyer meeting the requirements mentioned in Art.3 who orders at least a 1-kg birthday cake of one of the 2 selected kinds (chocolate or mixed) gets a 50% discount from the birthday cake price.

5. Duties and taxes

5.1. The Campaign Organizer is responsible for the payment of the financial taxes or duties, in compliance with the legal provisions in force.

5.2. This Campaign is organized for the purpose of stimulating sales.

6. Force Majeure. Acts of God

6.1. For the purpose of this Regulation, force majeure means any event that cannot be controlled, remedied or foreseen by the Organizer, including the impossibility of the Organizer of fulfilling their obligations taken under the Regulation, for reasons beyond his will. An act of God if an event that cannot be foreseen or hindered by the Organizer.

6.2. If a force majeure case or an act of God hinders or delays completely or partly the compliance with the Regulation and the continuation of the Campaign, the Organizer will be exonerated from liability related to the fulfilment of their obligations for the period in which this fulfilment will be hindered or delayed, in compliance with art. 1351 of the Civil Code. If the Organizer claims force majeure or an act of God, they are bound to inform the participants in the Campaign about such case within 5 business days from the emergence of the force majeure case or the act of God.

7. Litigations

7.1. Any claim related to the Campaign can be sent in writing to the Organizer’s registered office address specified in this Regulation or sent by email to within 7 calendar days from the date when the claimed event occurred.

7.2. The potential differences between the Organizer and the participants to the promotional campaign will be settled amicably or, in case this is not possible, the litigations will be settled by the competent Romanian law courts.

8. Interruption of the promotional campaign

8.1. The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt the promotional campaign anytime, provided they previously inform the consumers by appropriate communication means (by posting on the site and in shops etc.).

8.2. If the Campaign is interrupted/ suspended, the Organizer will grant the campaign benefits to the Participants who met the Campaign requirements until the date of the suspension or interruption, in compliance with the provisions of this Regulation.

9. Regulation of the promotional campaign

9.1. The Regulation for the promotional campaign is posted and available for free on the official site of the Organizer on and during the entire period of the Campaign.

9.2. The mere participation in this Campaign means/ involves knowing and accepting entirely and unconditionally the provisions and application of this Regulation as regards the Campaign.

10. Personal Data Confidentiality:

10.1 S.C. Agropan Impex S.R.L processes personal data in compliance with Law 677/2001, in capacity of personal data operator, under notice no. 0000075 from 05.01.2015 at the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing.

10.2 All personal data of the Participants provided by means of their ID photocopy and the information coupons filled-out become the property of the Organizer, together with all the information contained by them. The personal data collected by the Organizer will be used for future direct marketing campaigns, only if the concerned persons express their clear agreement to this purpose. The personal data collected in this promotional campaign will not be disclosed to third parties unless the operator must observe legal obligations in force.

In compliance with Law 677/2001, the natural persons participating in the promotion have the following rights: the right to information (art. 12), the right to access their data (art. 13), the right to change their data (art. 14) and the right to oppose (art. 15).

11. Official Regulation:

11.1 By participating in this Contest, the participants agree to observe and comply with all provisions, terms and conditions of this Official Regulation.

11.2. The Organizer reserves the right to change or amend this Official Regulation, and such amendments will be effective only after the announcement of the changes.

11.3 This Regulation has been elaborated in compliance with the provisions of the Governmental Ordinance no. 99/2000 concerning the trade of market products and services, as republished in the Official Gazette no. 603 from 31.08.2007 and has been signed in 2 original copies, today 12.01.2015.

SC. Agropan Impex SRL

By legal representative


Stefan Holicov