The Story of Rye Bread

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healthy bread full of energy!

Goodness does not grow in the library or in laboratories. It is a well-kept secret and diffused as a whisper from generation to generation. A secret of the earth and sun that bear together spike rays, of the beings giving their blessing, of the wind and water that animate the mill, of the sieving and battering hands, of the baking and toasting fire, of the germinating bread. It is a secret most won’t keep anymore. However, it is a secret that we, people from Panifcom, want to bring back on everybody’s lips. It makes the crust crispy and delicious and the bread-crumb as soft as an embrace, it gives the warm flavor that calls you for dinner and the healthy and pure taste of childhood… This is why we make fresh healthy bread full of joy. We want you to know our secret in every slice!
Today we shall talk about the incredible benefits of rye bread.
While many other cereals can be tracked from prehistoric times, the rye is a more recent crop that unfortunately benefited from an initially fake presentation.
The Romanian author and philosopher, Pliny the Elder, said that the rye is a type of food that should be consumed only during famine. This is the reason why the rye bread was declined at first, being considered to be the food of the poor.
Slow but sure, the rye started to be important in the culture of the Scandinavian and Eastern countries. Once discovered its nutritional benefits, more and more people began to consume rye bread.
Eating rye bread is extremely benefic for the digestive system. The rye fiber is efficient as regards the general improvement of the digestive process.
The rye helps in losing weight. Another advantage of the rye bread consumption is that it is ideal in treating obesity. The rye fibers offer a feeling of plenitude and satiety for long periods of time, thus contributing in losing weight.
The specialists in nutrition state rye is a sure fiber source that offers to the human body 18 percent of the daily necessary of nutrients. According to them, the rye bread consumption for every meal rapidly induces the satiety feeling so that those who choose this type of bread will no longer feel the need to consume excessive quantities of unhealthy foods.
It is a diabetes-friendly bread. By its rich magnesium content, the insulin secretion of the human body shall be diminished, a reason why rye can be considered to be a natural medicine for those suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, the specialists also say that a regular rye consumption reduces the risk of this disease by 30 percent, especially in case of the overweight persons, liable to diabetes. At the same time, rye bread has the ability to normalize the glycaemia value, while the fiber content block the formation of the toxins at the colon level, leading to a considerable improvement of the digestion.
How much rye bread should one consume? The specialists recommend one rye meal, as bread or cereals, six times a week, in order to normalize the cholesterol, the glycaemia and to avoid the cardiovascular issues. Furthermore, the rye bread is the perfect food for seniors as it reduces the risk of heart failure. For teenagers, rye is ideal in diets as it favors a good digestion and the satiety sensation shall install quickly. Women who consume rye products are less exposed to mammary tumor and those who consume whole wheat or rye bread shall have fewer issues with the cardiovascular diseases.
We shall next share a few secrets and recommendations on rye:

  1. We can start by confessing that the rye bread is the product that Panifcom is mostly proud of. Both our clients and the families of our employees convinced us that we should insist with this bread as the like it most.
  2. Be careful when buying bread, read carefully the ingredients list in order to see if rye is the predominant element.
  3. Keep the rye bread in a sealed container, in a dark, cool and dry place.
  4. For consumption, rye bread is better associated with fresh food, bought from the market or quickly cooked.
  5. 5. Now, for all those who enjoy healthy and quality eating, we have a few suggestions: use rye bread to diversify your favorite sandwiches! Its rich taste makes the sandwiches friendlier. It is divine if you fry it a bit, then you prepare butter and salmon sandwiches. Children enjoy it when prepared with eggplant salad, stew, chicken and mayo or honey and mozzarella. Some prefer it warm, just out of the oven, with ewe-cheese and green onion or with Vienna steaks. For those caring about etiquette, rye bread is associated with autochthonous white wine, goat cheese and paprika toasted walnuts.

You can find a variety of rye bread types in the Panifcom own and partner shops. You must come and discover the favorite recipe of your family! Be our guest and have rye bread on your table for every meal for its special taste and incredible qualities.