Stefan’s Bread

Stefan’s bread, an incredibly good specialty bread from Iasi, based on a recipe only known by… Ștefan

Painea lui Stefan, Panifcom Iasi

You missed the taste of bakestone bread from your grandparents’ house, didn’t you? The sweet flavor of the dough raising under a white cloth towel just like a precious treasure. The savor and the warmth of a treat filling your house with pure memories.

And you should know we missed that too! That moment we convinced Stefan, the grandson of the man who founded the first mill in the history of Panifcom in 1924 to bring this bread back to life, based on a recipe only he knows. In order to get the old times taste, Stefan’s Bread is created based on a traditional method, of natural ingredients only – water, flour, salt and yeast. And seen that yeast is no jesting-matter, we let it ferment one day long. Therefore, we need about 26 hours of work, passion and commitment in order to create this wonderful bread you hold in your hands.

Stefan’s Bread is a product made by Panifcom, the Iasi bakery company dedicated to taste, health and freshness!