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3 Whole-Flour Berries:

This product contains 3 types of WHOLE FLOUR:

  • 54% whole-WHEAT flour,
  • 10% whole-RYE flour,
  • 2% whole-OAT flour.

The benefits of whole flour in comparison with the regular flour

The structure of the cereal berry is the following:

  • The crust represents 12-16% of its total mass and it contains most of the fibers of the berry structure, vitamins, mineral salts and enzymes.
  • The germ, 2-3 % of the berry mass, it contains almost 100 % of the wheat berry lipids and proteins, as well as vitamins and mineral salts
  • The core, 80-85 % of its total mass, is mainly made of starch and very few proteins.

While the crust and the germ play complex botanical roles, hence their structure that is rich in fibers and nutrients, the core is only a nurture reservoir for the germination process. As human food, it is rich in energy but poor in nutrients. The modern processing of cereals allowed the separation of the germ from the bran, and the rich content of proteins, enzymes, antioxidants and fats confers a biochemical and microbiological instability to the flours. The practicing of this method leads to the obtaining of white flours poor in bioactive principles.

However, by the whole milling of the berries, without sieving, all the remarkable elements in the berry structure are maintained, obtaining a whole grinding flour, a complex product and an ideal raw material for the whole-wheat bread, a functional food rich in active principles, an indispensable element of a complete and healthy diet. The whole-wheat flours contain the following: Proteins (13 – 15 g%); Vegetal Fibers (10 – 15%); Vitamins; Mineral salts; flavone (playing the role of an antioxidant)

The content of whole-rye and whole-oat flour

Except the generally valid benefits of the whole-flours, “the miller’s wife secret” also brings that of being made of 3-WHOLE-CEREALS, containing WHOLE-WHEAT, WHOLE-RYE and WHOLE-OAT.

  • The rye is a cereal that is rich in manganese, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium, as well as the A, B, E and K vitamins. It contributes to the biosynthesis of the enzymes responsible with the good use of glucose in the body and with the insulin secretion necessary for a good digestion.
  • The oat – by its high content of fibers – participates in the efficient body detoxification in order to bring back the appetite, to decrease the cholesterol and glycaemia values, to prevent the appearance of cardiovascular diseases and to stimulate the thyroid activity.

Therefore, 3 Whole-Flour Berries bread represents the ideal way to keep our health without a special effort, also enjoying a special taste and flavor, conferred by both the complex composition of raw materials and by the production procedure based on semifluid yeast fermented for ~16 hours, which is the time needed to ensure both the microbiological stability of the end product without having to use preservatives and the richness of the flavors naturally resulted from the long fermentation process.

The Seed Small Slice

Your first sensation will be that of wanting more and more … but the effect is opposite! Rich in fibers and recommended in case of different diets, for children, as well as for gormandizers, the seedy rye bread brings an important share of mineral salts and vitamins to the human body.

The flax seed contain Omega 3 and fibers, whose quality is that of protectors of the heart and of the blood vessels against the “bad” cholesterol and against aging.

The sesame seed contain the vitamins A, B, C, E, they are very rich in calcium and they contain 50% more proteins than meat.

The sunflower seed are a basic remedy against kidney, bile and circulation disturbances thanks to their effect in the body detoxification.

The pumpkin seed contain vitamins, microelements and, even more important, zinc. They are recommended in the fight against bloating and constipation.

The Rye Small Slice

A bread containing 50% whole-rye flour bringing important benefits to the human body.

The rye is a cereal that is rich in manganese, selenium, phosphor and magnesium, as well as the vitamins A, B, E and K.

The rye fibers help in the faster elimination of the toxins, pushing it to the colon, thus preventing the appearance of colon cancer.

They are also very nourishing, they give an immediate saturation sensation thanks to their high ability of water retention, being a good remedy against obesity.

Finally yet importantly, the rye contributes to the biosynthesis of the enzymes responsible with the good use of glucose in the body and with the insulin secretion necessary for a good digestion.

These elements, which are necessary for our health, can be found in the Rye Small Slice, which contains 50% whole-rye flour, obtained by grinding the whole berry.

Warning – the rye IS NOT recommended in case of those with gluten intolerance, because of its gluten content, which is considerably higher than in the case of wheat.

The Plums Small Slice

You’ll fall in love with its taste right away, with long-term advantages! The plum specialty gathers the benefits of plums and the refined taste of rye bread.

The plums contain the vitamins A, B and C, sulphur, phosphor, manganese, magnesium, sodium and especially potassium. The resveratrol contained by the plum peel is considered the most powerful antioxidant ever. Very few of the benefic elements from the fresh fruit composition are lost by drying, so that dried plums help reinforcing the immunity system, they increase the body resistance against infections and they represent an efficient tonic for the nervous system. And not least, they are a natural laxative, being a famous remedy in the constipation treatment and prevention, a health issue affecting a great number of persons belonging to all age categories.




Virgate and rich in bran, for a beautiful silhouette!

Based on a special recipe, made of three types of flour and 10% wheat bran, this bread is very efficient in diets as bran helps lower your cholesterol and fat deposits and thanks to the high fiber percentage, it gives a fast satiety sensation.

Also, the wheat bran is one of the most important natural „medicines”, with amazing results in the prevention of numberless diseases and in the maintenance of your health. It is very rich in the group of vitamins B, amino acids and minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium).

Thanks to these elements, except the satiety sensation, the content of bran confers a boost of energy and wellbeing to your body, with long-term effects for your health and beauty!